So, how much is 25,000 characters?

25,000 characters on Octopad

25,000 characters are approximately 5,000 words (no spaces included).

But what can you do with them?

With your free Testing the Waters package, you can translate a couple of email messages and a blog article in the target language of your choice.

  • Average email message ̴ 1,000 characters
  • Average blog post ̴ 3,500 characters

Or you can translate Our survey on the State of the Machine Translation Market which has exactly 24,849 characters (4,650 words).

Free Diver

With the Free Diver package you are just 148,160 characters short for translating Barack Obama’s A Promised Land which is modestly estimated to count 1,148,160 characters.

Open Water Explorer

Upgrading to the Open Water Explorer could cover a good amount of the entire Harry Potter Series (all 7 books) which is modestly estimated at 5,420,850 characters approximately; you will be missing a couple of chapters but it’s nothing another Free Diver package can’t fix.

Deep Diver

Now, if we want to really take things to the next level, you can translate the script (estimated script length 1,428,000 words) for all Friends episodes in all 10 seasons (approximately 238 hours of viewing) with our Deep Diver package and you will still have characters to spare here and there.

This is by no means us saying that Octo, or machine translation technology in general, can adequately translate fiction and comedy. We would instead strongly advise against it. But we hope we gave you a good understanding of the scope and volumes you can translate with our different packages.

Haven’t tried Octopad yet? Register now and get your free 25,000 characters!

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