7. Create New Project

16. new project

Creating a new project is the most essential functionality that Octopad provides. This is why we have prepared a detailed guide for you through all the necessary steps to create an awesome Machine Translation Project and get your results at a blazing fast speed.

Click on the “New Project” Button.

New project dialog

The new project dialog appears. Here you need to enter the project’s name and you can select one source language and multiple target languages for your project. Once done, click on the “Create” button.

Landing zone

Once the project creation is complete, you will be redirected to the project details screen. This is where the magic begins. We call the dashed area the ‘Landing Zone”. You can either drag and drop your file in the zone, or you can click on the “Select Files” button and select the files from your device’s file system.

Project files

Once you have selected a few files, they are added to the project files list, and they are ready for upload. You can add more files to the list or click on the “Start Upload” button, to upload the files to our Octo server.

Project Files 2
Files Uploaded

Once the files are uploaded, the uploading dialog will disappear, and the list items will turn green. This means that the files have been successfully uploaded and are now ready for analysis. You can add more files to the list and upload them or you can proceed to the analysis by pressing the “Start Analysis” button.

Project Files 3
Analysis Complete

You can go back to other projects or perform other tasks on the platform, while the analysis is running and return to the current one once the analysis is complete.

When the analysis is complete, you can see an overview of the characters that will be subtracted from your balance if you proceed with Machine Translation (MT). This screen gives you the ability to download any of the uploaded files by clicking on the button of the corresponding file.

You can batch download several files by checking their checkboxes and clicking on the ‘Download Selected” button. This will result in the downloading of a zip archiver, containing your selected files.

In case you need to upload more files, you can go back to the file uploading screen by clicking on the “Back to Editing” button.

Finally, when everything is ready, you can click on the “Start MT” button to start the translation process.

Project Complete

You can go back to other projects or perform other tasks on the platform while the project is being translated.

Once the translation is complete you will be redirected to the final screen of the project creation process. This screen comprises of two panels. The left panel has all your uploaded files with all the necessary download functionality.

The right panel has all your translated files, nicely grouped based on the target language of each group.

You can download any translated file by clicking on the icon of the corresponding file.

You can batch download your desired translated files by checking their checkboxes and clicking on the “Download Selected” button.

You can preview a file that you have translated by clicking on the button. This will show you a table with the original text in the first column and the translated text in the second, broken down into sentences.

You can see the characters that your balance was charged for this project.

PT Quote request

Finally, you can create a new project by clicking on the  button or you can request a professional translation by clicking on the button. The personnel at CGT will be alerted with your request comments and project details, and a designated person will contact you soon to discuss further details.

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